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Tree Time Finished

I am glad to say that I have finished the tree on time and delivered it for a surprise birthday gift it has been some very concentrated work in the past couple of weeks #metaltree #gardensculpture #metalwork #rogerdaviesmetalart #creativemetalwork #metalsculpture

From the beginning, making a sturdy frame from solid bar welded and built so it could be taken apart in sections.

This was going to be a challenge for me and my little workshop as I had only got two weeks to complete it in #pumphousestudio #rangemorstaffordshire #metalworkshop

Some times you get that feeling of anxiety at the thought of what you are taking on then the problem solving comes to mind and finally the focus, the edginess of can i and "no" that notion is flung out of the equation and focus on work at hand is the only option.

Here is the final piece standing outside my workshop/studio.

And its final place !

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