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My Work

This page sets out examples of my work from recent work to projects I have undertaken in the past. I hope you like the work I do and feel free to contact me if there is any thing you would want to discus and give some thought or quotation.


Steel Tree

This is a project I made earlier this year in August 2022.

It was a challenge as the customer wanted it as a surprise birthday gift for the garden. I had only a month to prepare the design  make and install.

Love a challenge and loved making this piece of art.

Infinity Sculpture

I made this sculpture for a couple who wanted to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

First time I had used grp for a sculptural piece.

Entrance feature (2).jpeg

South Derbyshire woodlands project

This project was initiated by South Derbyshire District Council and woodville polymere engineering. It celebrated 50 years of being in business and I worked along side the council and Polymere engineering in conjunction with workshops in schools to give local input. The gate ways had a map of the area hidden within the design and the leaf were all designed by local children and cast in Bronze.

Heading 1

Steps for a Narrow Boat, all made from recycled materials and slightly curved to avoid interference with stove.

Blue Mcaw
Specially made for a customer at the end of last year

Hydrangas for Isle of Man

Memorial seat willington Marina.jpg

Memorial seating at Mercia Marina Willington Derbyshire

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