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Here is some new activity at the Pump House

Nearly there with the setting up of workshops , and here is some thing else i am offering which is Embossing metal using old aluminium cans as the medium pencils pens and other tools to make some detailed pictures see below #gardensculpture #metalsculpture #rogerdaviesmetalart #artinthegarden

These two were made from used beer cans annealed and flattened , each one has to be handled with care as they are delicate in the annealing stage cracks appear with very little heat.

Nice little video of the workshop and I now have a booking form on my web site that is working so if you want to have a look at what is on offer please feel free.

All of these embossed pictures were made using recycled beer cans (much fun getting them) and the frames are pallet wood (not so much fun getting them)

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