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New year and some new work shops coming

This start to the year has been hectic to say the least ! organising where to be and what venues I can manage to be at and all that and I became a grandad again last week.

Lovely little girl called Ivy.

My work shop is coming together and I will have metal workshops for peps to learn new skills and have fun doing them.

As I have mentioned in the past I will be teaching my form of repousse using clay as a medium for backing ( i will explain terminology to those who have never heard of repousse and its origin's )

Repousse is a art and craft form that has been around for thousands of years and has been found to be widespread across the world, different cultures using different methods.

My method is to use clay as a backing and works very well, On the day course I will talk a bit of history about the history and methods.

I will be using semi precious metals such as copper Aluminium and perhaps brass.

The ocotpus I made earlier last year was made by using a tree stump and tools I had formed pictured below.

The video shows the area I want to use for the workshops

Keep your eyes peeled for the start times which will be posted on my site.

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