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Open Workshop and studio

Great news to my followers I am opening my workshop to the public on the 2nd and 3rd of July this year of course so make a space in your time to come along and have a noisy around , I will be happy to talk to you of new ideas and up and coming events in the year.

It has been a long hard struggle for every one with new challenges ahead, I have had moments when I have thought about stopping what I do and look for other opportunities even having been ripped of by a local company to the tune of £2750. I now look forward as we all must and adjust to what lies ahead with new ideas is where I have been going.

I made a video again with limited equipment and some of what is in there is what I will be doing in the next few months, so I hope you enjoy, it is more educational than artistic and maybe this will lead to other things. #metalsculpture #metalgardensculpture #handmademetalwork #metalworkforoutdoors

Other great news is I am exhibiting at Bonsal art trail this June the 18 and 19th #bonsalarttrail #artinthegarden #metalgardenart #gardensculpture #metalgardensculpture

I look forward to seeing old aquaintances and new !

Some other new work I have been making are these little features for the garden and interior.

Hammered from aluminium sheet and annealed in a process that can be frustrating but very satisfying.

Voila !

A garden screen and a wall hanging interior or exterior hammered aluminium pushed both ways I feel I really enjoyed this it was a battle of the materials I want to explore this material and the process much further!

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