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Hand Made valentines Cards And Hand Made Metal Work For Home and Garden

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

With Valentines day just around the corner I thought I would offer cards made form steel hand crafted and coloured red heart inside with envelope at a small cost of £12 each.

#handcraftedvalentinecard made especially for the individual who wants to be individual.

These #handcraftedvanletinecard are made from steel hand cut with a plasma cutter and hinged together using two jump rings made from brass, the #Handcraftedvalentinecard fits perfectly into an envelope which is 13 cm x 13 cm these come with the card, postage is extra at first class delivery for £1.00 to your home.

These #Handcraftedvalentinecard could have an individual message written by you and copied onto the card. I can also make cards of different sizes and for different occasions but prices will vary on size and delivery options ,so contact me if you want some thing special #Handcraftedvalentinecard

This Year is going to be a year of new items from old as part of my theme in #recycling objects to help our over use of new materials #Gardenseating #recycledmetal #upcycling

This Prickly pear was #recycled from panels from a friends van and a piece of wood that was a industrial pallet, it all make's for a interesting piece for the interior. All of the #bespokemetalwork is hand crafted by myself, My strength is problem solving and design, i love to hear what some one wants to achieve and make that happen.

I have all ways been a creative person from a young age in the sixties through my painting days in Cornwall working on various scenes around the county as this one of Mouse Hole , an early water colour painting from the eighties ! #Cornwall #Mousehole I will use some of my early works to compliment some of my newer works.

Some fun #handmademetalwork from the late nineties Fish Basket, we used to fill ours with fruit.

A more recent piece with signage outside the work shop studio is the Easter Island Head a representation of a race of people who nearly became extinct through over use of their natural resources.

Food for thought though !

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