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Tree Time + 1

Well the tree grows and I can start to see the end in sight !!

Its becoming massive, pictures don't really show how big it has got but I am using the ladder to position higher branches, I am glad there is some weight in the trunk as it is keeping it stable not that it will go without anchor bolts in its final place.

Knocking the lights and getting caught in the welding curtain wire running out of gas all make for an exciting moment (not really) frustration and annoyance more like #rogerdaviesmetalart

Its got an octopus feel in this picture well I might make a giant octopus yet some thing for public art and the future !

I am hoping i have maybe one more day making

it then its photo shoots and delivering it safely .

#rogerdaviesart the workshop is a mess but all focus is on the sculpture in hand then my focus will switch and turn to our next big event which is wirksworth festival 10th and 11th September #wirksworthfestival and a week later melbourne art and architecture trail 17th and 18th September

#melbournefestival both very good two day events and really worth a trip out to see.

Art in the gardens and homes, food, drink, music and so much more, hope to see you there and by for now!!

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