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Tree Time !

Working very hard and very tired but have achieved this at the end of today.

All of the trunk now covered in steel and the first branch .

Cutting grinding welding surface polishing I've about had enough but have to carry on #metalwork #gardenmetalwork #gardenmetalsculpture

I will carry on as that is how I am i love a challenge and i don't like to give up

( stubborn old person ) not the word I would usually use !!

Hope you like what you see and maybe want for yourself (or a smaller version) #rogerdaviesmetalart

This is where I am now and the weight is increasing so even though I have split the work into five parts it is still heavy, good job i reinforced the trunk with extra metal.

Might start working in paper and glue . This pic looks like its throwing its arms in the air its coming alive !!

Any way keep you posted at the next stage by for now.

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