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Swifts Swallows a Tree and a sad good bye to my little Deer

New work for customers, Stainless steel swallows finished and waiting for delivery.

These little birds were made especially for 2 new customers out of stainless steel as they will have a permanent location in the elements.

Been working on quite a lot of things this last month from small birds to deer and many other things.

The biggest project this august was definitely the tree made in mild steel and now in place at a customers home. This is the finished place for the tree and it does look really good with the deer and ducks wandering and sitting below it.

I really enjoyed this piece as it made me chase a deadline "I love a challenge"

There is a little sadness in the air as I had to say goodbye to my smaller deer that were sold earlier this year .

The couple that bought them were very generous and let me display them at 2 other venues which gained a further commission and some other potential customers

They do look good in the night light

And here are the two new ones made for another person

Have to deburr and finish in white paint.

My next venue is closer to home and only a one day event at Litchfield on the 20th November indoors at the Guildhall so I will be restricted a bit on size no full size trees here, the following week is a four day event at Haddon Hall Bakewell Debyshire that runs from the 1st to the 4th of December.

Come along and treat yourself lots to see and eat.

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