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New Work for the New Year

Well anew year and a new post Haven't posted any thing for a while got stuck in Christmas and New Year mode.

So this is where I am at the moment I am making a set of metal steps for a narrow boat a far cry from art ! But these are special as they are for my daughter who is moving into a narrow boat .

They are slightly bent to one side so avoiding the stove and they will have a rail as well.

They will have a sense of playfulness in the metal railing design so I will keep you posted to the latest progression.

Ignore the stags feet/hoofs in the background :)

Metal working Workshops

I am planning to run one or two day workshops from my studio this year so I am looking for responses to the workshop not so new to me as I have spent the last twenty + years helping students. These days will be spent designing and making using the techniques of Repousse, and as I progress with the workshops I will introduce welding and basic Metal fabricaction maybe even a little bit of casting.

So this is going to be a leap into a new arena hopefully a fun and educational one.

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