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Goodbye To my Stag and Doe

My Stag and Doe were sold at Staunton Harold Artisan show what a fantastic event the best this year so far and it was a first time show ever and I had to say goodbye to them !! but they have found the perfect place and couple to be with #metalart #artinthegarden #rogerdaviesmetalart #stauntonharold

But news for the future I have a commission for a metal tree ! which is great but I have to finish it and deliver and install before the end of August . . . can I do it there is only one answer to that and it is no choice but to finish it.

Managed to get a simple frame made but that is just the beginning I have to clad it in sheet steel, I will have to keep you informed as to where I am take a look at the pictures so far might be a case of working 24 seven, we'll see how i progress

This coupled with the fact my gear box is broke and two major exhibitions in the next month makes for a trying time , as they say it will all come out in the wash !!

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