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Country File Live Metal Garden Art Sculpture

Check out Rodger Davies Metal Art at Country File Live, the garden art sculpture exhibition will be this December 10th 11th and 12th in Wiltshire.

Creative new ideas for the garden and home, inspired by nature. This work is hand crafted from Rogers studio in Staffordshire. Metal art work adds a new element to the garden come whatever weather. Roger likes to play with with raw materials, untreated to rust with the seasons or treated to stay in it's original form. The choice is yours.

metal garden art stag countryfile live 2021

metal garden art work sculpture bird

Metal Garden Art Sculpture on show

Roger has been invited to show his work at the event, and he's super excited to see you all! The metal artwork is his passion and loves the community that comes with it.

The art work isn't just garden pieces - This can be quirky home-ware too. Maybe you need that perfect center piece for the dining table this Christmas? Art sparks thought and conversation. Metal art work is a perfect element to entertain guests at home this holiday season.

metal bird art sculpture garden

Metal Art Work Christmas Gifts

With Christmas looming and the pressure to give something personal, have you ever thought of a bespoke piece of metal art?

Roger can create one-offs to order, that represent something close to the heart. Metal art work can come in small, simple and grand gestures, meaning we can create and accommodate your requests. If your headed to the country file show - Grab Roger for a quick chat. If your not at the show feel free to shoot him an email about the metal art work.

metal candle holder art work personalized

Metal Bird Art Gift

This year roger is focusing on making small metal art work birds. These are a cute gift for a loved one.

The birds are varied, the two main focuses are birds on bull rushes and birds in a bag. The bull rush bird art has proven popular over the years so we decided to showcase the metal garden art work at country file this year. Birds in a bag are Rogers latest arty idea, making robins for the season in a cute gift bag.

metal garden art work countryfile show bird 2021

Stag Metal Garden Sculpture Art Work on Show

Come and see the signature stags Roger has created - the perfect metal garden art work centerpiece.

Roger is showcasing the stags at the countryfile live show 2021. These handmade life size pieces are made from memory, and stylized into his own signature. With christmas approaching we thought it would be appropriate to include the metal stags. This garden art work will be on show in the woods at the entrance. See if you can spot them, and tag us in a post on instagram

Family Fun and Metal Art Work

Roger has been making his metal art work for the county file 2021 Christmas in the park.

The event supports nature, fun and creativity.

With lots to do for the family, you can get into baking, crafting, wine, music, woodland walks and lots more! It's the perfect winter event for families and friends that love the outdoors and trying new things. We hope to see you there, check us out on the metal artwork exhibition, Roger :)

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