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Birds of a feather

Birds swirling and flying around these are new and something to look forward to!

I have been busy the last few weeks with A tree sculpture and work for Wirksworth art festival, now i am gathering speed for the Melbourne art festival a real treat as it always has a great atmosphere and all ways some thing new going on.

I am exhibiting at "Chandlers Cottage 16 Church Street" a lovely place to be.

Come along to the festival you will not be disappointed you will have a great time,

music food and fun along with art can't get any better. #Melbournefestival

Another piece of work commissioned swirling Swallows.

And a video of popular work "king fishers wrens and long tailed tits "

And finally a little bit off the bird theme A watery creature that's close to my heart.

Keep this weekend free for your diary and experience some thing new toodaloo

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